Worry-free spam defense & GDPR compliant

ALAN Captcha protects your website

The most honest CAPTCHA in the world

ALAN Captcha is the first choice for security-conscious organizations that demonstrably care about the privacy and data protection of their customers and stakeholders on their websites and online services.

Captcha Lösung mit Text Sie sind verifiziert

Privacy-safe bot defense 

We Simplify Captcha - Maximize your bot defense and spam protection with minimal effort and increase success on your customer touchpoints with ALAN Captcha 

Fully automated crypto puzzle provision
Accessible captcha solution for all users incl. mobile-first
Effective barrier against bots, hackers and cyber criminals 
No-Cookies/ -Tracking
100% GDPR compliant with Privacy by Design

ALAN Captcha

ALAN Captcha Service is a privacy-safe bot defense service that supports anti-robot verification. ALAN Captcha Service  helps you fend off unwanted bot and spam attempts on a daily basis through crypotgraphic puzzles based on blockchain mechanisms. And all this happens in compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation. 

Eu-Sterne mit Vorhängeschloss in der Mitte

European top quality

ALAN Captcha is developed and provided by experts in Vienna. 

EUROPEAN know-how
All responsible persons are resident and active in the EU
EU data center
First-class hosting with one of the largest web hosters and data center operators in Europe 
Company headquarters in the EU
The head office is located in Vienna