Technological concept of ALAN Captcha


Facts in 20 seconds

ALAN Captcha is based on cryptographic puzzles. The cryptographic puzzles are based on the Proof of Work (POW) concept. This approach is used in the blockchain universe. The computing power is a "certificate" for the work done. The certificate is taken as verification to allow the sending of data. ALAN Captcha is GDPR compliant. ALAN Captcha keeps user interactions fluid

Cryptographic puzzles

ALAN Captcha uses a cryptographic process as verification for a legitimate user. In this process, a request for crypto puzzles is made from the website protected by ALAN Captcha. These are then sent to the user's browser. While the user fills in the input fields of the form, the puzzles are solved by the browser and sent along with the request. The cryptographic puzzles are similar to the same proof-of-work systems used by renowned blockchain services.

What is Proof of Work?

Proof of Work (PoW) also refers to a computing performance that must be proven. In blockchains, the next block is always selected in such a way that the block must have solved a valid, difficult mathematical task in order to be accepted. This computing power is like a "certificate" that work has been done.

ALAN Captcha relies on Proof of Work

The ALAN Captcha works in a similar way. The user's browser has to solve a mathematical problem that takes a certain amount of time for a positive validation to occur and for a contact form to be sent, for example.

ALAN Captcha keeps the user interaction flowing

Compared to other conventional CAPTCHAs, verification based on the proof of work runs smoothly. The user often does not notice this validation, as the calculation can be started after the first interaction with the form, for example. This is possible because the crypto puzzles are delivered as efficiently as possible and the WebAssembly (abbreviated Wasm) technology enables fast calculation in the browser. WebAssembly is supported by 96.34% of browsers and was introduced in 2015.

ALAN Captcha is barrier-free

In contrast to high-friction CAPTCHA services such as Google's ReCaptcha, the technical approach of ALAN Captcha does not require the user to perform tasks such as image marking for autonomous driving. In addition, these CAPTCHAs based on graphical puzzles are not barrier-free and often take the user a long time to complete the tasks.

ALAN Captcha is GDPR compliant

Another advantage of the technical concept of ALAN Captcha is that it is GDPR-compliant. This is in direct contrast to most other CAPTCHAs, which are not GDPR-compliant due to the technology used or the technical concept.